Garage Spring Clean-Up

By | 05/09/2016


Nothing can ruin your plans on a beautiful spring day like going into your garage to gather your gear and realizing your stuff is all over the place, on the floor, thrown in a corner, misplaced. There is a simple solution to this problem, organize! A great place to start when organizing your garage is by purchasing cabinets and shelves.

The next step starts the organizing. To being, categorize each item in your garage and place it in its new designated area. For example, all of your sporting gear should be put in a cabinet and all of your tools should be put into draws. While going through all of your belongings you may come across multiple objects you do not use or need, throw them away. Don’t think twice when it comes to throwing something out if you haven’t used it in a while or if something is broken, chances are if you haven’t fixed it by now, you’re not going to. You should also separate your gear by seasons; all out of season coats should be put away in closets as well.

Spring cleaning can be incredibly rewarding but knowing where to start can be difficult. If you feel cleaning out your garage may be too much of a project for you to do on your own, hire garage organization specialists to help you clean out your garage.

Ta-Da! You can see your garage floor again! While organizing can be a tedious task, you will be thankful when you’ve finished and you can find anything with ease. Maybe you can even park your car in there again.