Organization 101: Tidy Up that Garage

By | 03/18/2017


Garages, for most people, store all of the junk we don’t have room for in our homes. Most of this stuff we can get rid of, but because it’s so cluttered, we never quite get to it. This spring, ditch your excuses and begin smartly storing! Our tips will help you get started.

Have plenty of tools and nowhere to put them? Are your tools in random drawers, tools boxes, and bins? Do you need a unified system to easily access and put back your tools? Here’s an idea! Invest in a tool storage wall. Tool storage walls can help store all types of equipment, from screwdrivers to rakes. Next time you need a tool, it won’t take you hours searching through the garage clutter.

Most people still have some leftover paint from a previous paint job. These cans are usually stored in the garage somewhere, so that they remain out of sight. A trendy way to store this leftover paint and ditch the large paint cans is by putting it into glass jars, like mason jars. It helps save space, increase the available floor space in the garage, and resolves the problem in a neat and trendy way.

Most people have garages that have high ceilings but don’t utilize this potential storage space. You can use racks, beams, and ceiling hooks to store items effectively. Hanging shelves can also be helpful to store infrequently used items. Using ceiling storage techniques is one that will increase the amount of floor space you have. It also helps declutter altogether.

I’m sure another problem some of you have is storing hoses, rope, and other space-consuming items. To effectively store these items, you can use hooks, wrap the item up, and hang them. This saves space and looks much nicer.

Garage storage and organization helps declutter, easily access stored items, and easily place them back for future use.