When Tattoos Lose Their Appeal

By | 10/12/2016


When you get a tattoo, initially, you will love it and want to show it off to everyone. As time goes on, the appeal may wear off. Because of this the laser tattoo removal industry has grown immensely. Below are some statistics on tattoos and tattoo removal.

  1. What percentage of tattooed people don’t like their tattoos?  Ten percent of people in the U.S. with a tattoo say they no longer like them.
  2. What percentage of people say they regret their tattoos? Surprisingly, 25% of people with tattoos regret putting the image on their body. Unexpectedly, of that number, more men than women have second thoughts about their tattoos.
  3. What percentage of Americans have cover-up’s?  Some people decide to cover their tattoo with another image rather than go through the removal process. About 5% of people decide to do this.
  4. How many people do tattoo removal procedures each year?  In 2013, nearly 50,000 people underwent a medical procedure to have tattoos removed.
  5. Are men or women more likely to have a tattoo removed? Of the number above, nearly 33,000 of those who got tattoo removal procedures were women. That is nearly 73% of the total number.
  6. What age group has the most tattoo regret?  Most frequently, middle aged persons between the ages of 35-50, seek tattoo removal
  7. What’s the average cost of tattoo removal?  Tattoo removal can be expensive however some think removing an ex’s name from their body is priceless. The price is based off of the size of your tattoo and the number of sessions you need to remove it. on average, the cost is around $600.
  8. What is the tattoo removal industry worth? It has been recorded that cosmetic surgeons who perform the tattoo removal procedure accumulate nearly $75 million a year. That number continues to grow.

Laser tattoo removal is a large industry and continutes to grow. Because of this, there are for sure some ametures amounsgt those claming to be “experts” in the field. If you decide to begin laser tattoo removal treatment, do your homework. Look at their references and how long they have been doing their work. Ask to see before and afters, make sure they go over everything necessary with you.